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Forklift operating course (french version)

Since January 2007, the RSST stipulates that it is mandatory to give a forklift operating course to all forklift truck operators in a company.

The first part of this course is theoretical and is given online. It will enable the learner to familiarize with the applicable laws and rules, the different security operating rules for a forklift truck, as well as its preventive driving.

Following the theoretical course, the practical portion will be given in partnership with the company "Équipement E.M.U." and under the supervision of a certified trailer with many years of experience. The company owns an important array of forklift trucks which enables them to train future operators on all types of products.

A driver's license, as a plastified card, will be provided after the learner successfully completes both courses.

For the theorical part
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Course learning objectives
Course duration : 2 hours for both modules

Eligible to the Workplace Skills Act